You Want To Revise Vocabulary Of Animals Bear Dog Fox Crocodile Etc At The End O

You want to revise vocabulary of animals (bear, dog, fox, crocodile, etc) at the end of a week. Choose a suitable game to do that and plan a 30-min lesson based around the game. Continue the pre-plan below: Level: Beginner Age: 7-8 (young children) Timing: 30 mins Objective: primary objective – to consolidate vocabulary of animal names; secondary objective – to practice basic grammatical structures Target language: no new language is taught Assumed knowledge: twenty common animals have been taught in the last week; students know basic structures: “This is a…”, “These are…”, “I can see…”, “I have…”, and personal pronouns. 1. Now you write the following: 1.Anticipated problems 2.Solutions 3.Preparations and aids 2. Write a step-by-step plan of your lesson. Look at the example plan & note the staging. Stage 1. Activity. Interaction. Timing.Stage 2. Activity. Interaction. Timing.Sorry, I copied the it in half and i cut half of the exersice that needs to be done. This one is cut in half, so it’s not like a lesson plan.

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