Workplace Etiquette Part 1 Https Www Youtube Com Watch

Workplace Etiquette Part 1 (9:18)

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After viewing the video, list three strategies from the video that will help you be successful during your first days of new employment:

Workplace Etiquette Part 2 (9:01)

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After viewing the video,discuss the consequences of inappropriate communication and some techniques you can use to improve your communication both in daily life and the workplace. 

Please provide a written example of a professional voicemail you would leave based on the information you learned from the video.

Workplace Etiquette Part 3 (4:24)

After viewing the video, describe how you would handle constructive criticism from a peer/co-worker.

US Department of Labor: Enthusiasm and Attitude (3:07)

After viewing the video, describe the steps you would take when preparing for an interview or meeting with a professional.

US Department of Labor: Teamwork sMFh9QYFh2I&list=PL5-XYot2VKQM9o8zNFuVWXMhrNLSTkEpM&index=6 (1:30)

After viewing the video, describe a scenario in whichthe different dynamics of a team have influenced a work or class project.

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