What Is Your Comment On This Paraphrasing And Direct Quotations

What is your comment on this paraphrasing and direct quotations?

This is my interpretation of the sandwich method which the required reading stated as a very simplistic and effective way to properly present outside information to your reader. I decided to also add my thesis statement to show you guys my track I am taking on this paper. I will take any advice on my thesis as I have been constantly trying to improve it!

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 Even though a college degree prepares students for today’s job markets, vocational training along with college education creates more qualified and preferred employee since college education is less meaningful these days. Students leaving high school need to know what the right mix of education and real-world experiences that will help them meet their long-term career goals.

Part I :

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 In the article Forum Quality or Quantity: What is Driving Student Engagement Online? Shaw, Cassandra S. and Irwin, Kathleen C., (2017) explained that, “

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