What happens to Laura after eating the forbidden fruit at the goblin market english assignment help

Rossetti’s ‘After Death’

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Rossetti’s ‘Winter: My Secret’   

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Rossetti’s ‘Goblin Market’

Whitman’s Song of Myself

Dickinson’s ‘Safe in Their Alabaster Chambers’

Dickinson’s ‘A Bird Came Down the Walk’

Dickinson’s ‘I Like to See it Lap the Miles’     

Dickinson’s ‘Because I Could Not Stop for Death’

Dickinson’s ‘My Life had Stood–A Loaded Gun’

Do NOT COPY and PASTE from website–this is plagiarism and will result in a zero on the quiz. All answers can be found in the textbook and/or the discussion boards.


What happens to Laura after eating the forbidden fruit at the goblin market?


What is Leaves of Grass? (Be detailed and specific here–it’s not simple!)


Whitman writes that he is an American because he was born here to parents, grandparents, and great-grandparents who were all born here; but he also says that his ‘tongue, every atom of my blood formed from this soil’–how is this statement literally true?


Being as specific and detailed as possible, examine the first six lines of Section 21 of Song of Myself; what do these lines mean to you?


According to the speaker of Dickinson’s poem ‘My Life had Stood–a Loaded Gun–,’ how does the speaker’s life compare to a loaded gun?


What do you think Dickinson’s speaker means by ‘Rafter of satin, / And Roof of stone’ in ‘Safe in their Alabaster Chambers?’ (Be detailed here–use the poem as needed for evidence.)


What is the subject of Dickinson’s “I love to see it Lap the Miles–“? How do you know–in other words, using evidence from the poem, support your claim.


Why does the speaker of Rossetti’s ‘Winter: My Secret’ prefer winter over the other seasons?

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