Watch Hans Rosling s 21 BBC documentary statistics homework help

Watch Hans Rosling’s 2010 BBC documentary, titled The Joy of Stats. The video can be found here:  (Links to an external site.)

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Please take notes as you watch the video, writing two or three sentences to summarize what is said in the video about each of the following topics:

• topography of crime rates,
• Summarisk Tabell and the history of statistics,
• understanding averages, variability, and shape,
• Florence Nightingale,
• 200 years of global development,
• correlations,
• language translation digital astronomy, and
• the future of science

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The bulleted items above are presented in the order in which they appear in the video. Your summary notes should be typed in bullet point form following the same order. Please also type a paragraph or two comparing your view of statistics before and after watching the video.

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