Upper H 2 versus Upper H1 2 a simple random sample of size n 17 statistics assignment help

To test Upper H0​: μ=20 versus Upper H1​: μ< 20, a simple random sample of size n =17 is obtained from a population that is known to be normally distributed. Answer parts​ (a)-(d).

Please look at the t-Distribution Area in Right Tail table that I attached to this question.

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(a) If xÌ… = 18.2 and 4.3, compute the test statistic.

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t = __
​(Round to two decimal places as​ needed.)

(b) Draw a​ t-distribution with the area that represents the​ P-value shaded.


​Approximate the​ P-value. Choose the correct range for the​ P-value below.

(insert here) < P-value
(insert here)

(d) If the researcher decides to test this hypothesis at the 

level of​ significance, will the researcher reject the null​ hypothesis?

A) The researcher will not reject the null hypothesis since the P-value is not less than α.

The researcher will reject the null hypothesis since the
​ P-value is not less than
alpha α.

The researcher will not reject the null hypothesis since the
​ P-value is less than
alpha α.

The researcher will reject the null hypothesis since the P-value is less than

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