The Written Assignments Will Complement And Reinforce Topics Covered In Each Mod

The written assignments will complement and reinforce topics covered in each module. Each student will demonstrate comprehension of HRM principles, concepts and theories and present understanding of course materials.

Read the following article Why We Hate HR  Link (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site., then answer the following questions in accordance with the criteria below (Write 150 word minimum for each question, points will be deducted if each question does not meet the minimum 150-word required for each question):

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The assignment will meet the APA 6th edition format criteria, write a minimum of 2 pages, and follow the structure:

1. Title page

2. Body (do not write each question, use a heading then start the text

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   after each heading)

a. Question 1 (Write a minimum of 150 words for this response)

b. Question 2 (Write a minimum of 150 words for this response)

c. Question 3 (Write a minimum of 150 words for this response)

d. References (make sure that each reference is cited in the text)

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