The Mass Of Garbage Put Out For Weekly Curbside Pickup Per Household In A Certai

The mass of garbage put out for weekly curbside pickup, per household, in a certain

community, is reported to have a mean of 6.1 kg and a standard deviation of 2.2 kg.

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Based on this information:

a) Assuming that the population is very large, let us now suppose that 5 consecutivesamples of 100 households are taken, and each one of them has a sample mean greaterthan 6.6 kg. Calculate the probability of obtaining this result.P =b) Based on your answer for Part (a), is there reason to believe that the mean weeklygarbage output per household is not actually around 6.1 kg? If so, in which direction hasthe mean garbage output shifted?Explain your answers using your previous calculations for this question, plus yourknowledge of statistics fundamentals.

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