The Genes A B And C Are All Located On The Same Chromosome (1)

The genes A, B, and C are all located on the same chromosome. When an individual with alleles A1 B1 C1 crossed with an individual with the alleles A2 B2 C2, the recombination frequency of A and B was 20%, of A and C was 22%, and of B and C was 39%, In what order do the genes lie along the chromosome?

a. ABC

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b. ACB

c. BAC

d. BCA or CBA

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e. There is not enough information to answer this question

What would happen to the lac operon if expression of the regulatory gene was blocked?

a. There would be an increase in the synthesis of lactose

b. There would be a decrease in the synthesis of lactose

c. There would be an increase in the expression of the enzymes that break down lactose

d. There would be an decrease in the expression of the enzymes that break down lactose

e. There would be no change

What would result if an enzyme broke down DNA polymerase I?

a. There would be segments of RNA left in the replicated DNA strands

b. The Okazaki fragments would not be connected

c. There would be an excess of tension in the wound part of the double helix

d. There would be no RNA primers

e. There would be no synthesis of DNA on the complementary strands

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