The Experience Of Unrequited Love I Loving Someone Who Does Not Love You Back At

The experience of unrequited love (i.e. loving someone who does not love you back) at some point in life is virtually universal. It is believed that only 5% of adults have never experienced unrequited love. Some social psychologists hypothesize the percentage is even lower, so a study was conducted to look into the claim of these psychologists.

A simple random sample of 175 adults found that only about 3% had never loved someone who didn’t love them back, or found themselves the object of romantic passion that they did not want to return. What is the width of the 90% approximate confidence interval for based on these data?

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  • A. 0.021
  •  B. 0.027
  •  C. 0.042
  •  D. 0.054

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