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The cell cycle regulates cellular division in a controlled medium, thus containing a natural balance of the molecular ecosystem. A cancer cell divides in an unregulated rate, maliciously thwarting the natural balance of the body and disrupting the cell cycle. The protein p53, is responsible for repairing any damage done to DNA in cancer cells or destroying any damaged cells which are beyond repair. Cancer cells however lack p53, thus infesting the body with cancer cells as they are not being repaired or destroyed, only replicating. Going deeper into the process of protein production, cylclin dependent kinases is responsible for producing the specific proteins, such as p53, in order to perform reparations to damaged cells. Without cyclin dependent kinases, the cell cycle would be a tumultuous system, incapable of regulating itself and eventually kill off the organism.

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Cell Cycle in Cancer. (2016). Retrieved October 02, 2016, from

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