Strategic Planning and Implementation business and finance homework help

Business: Strategic Planning and Implementation

Please respond only if you can follow the requirements

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W1DQ1 and W1DQ2 needs to be done in single spaced one pagewith minimum 550 words/page

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And W1DQ3 needs to be done in single spaced one pagewith minimum 550 words/page

TOTAL work is, single spaced 2 pages; min 550 words per page

Course name: Strategic Planning and Implementation

Textbook Information:

Title: Essentials of Strategic Management

Author: Gamble, Thompson, Peteraf

Edition: 3rd – 2012

Publisher: McGraw-Hill

ISBN: 9780078029288

Answering Discussion Questions:Student answers or responds to all questions completely, demonstrating knowledge and understanding of key concepts, ability to think critically, and has included original examples in his/her response. It is required that the textbook and/or scholarly research be included to justify and/or solidify any argument or reasoning.

Preparation:Student brings in outside examples and is able to examine a problem or situation from a variety of perspectives

Citation, Quotes and Reference List: Citation or/and quotes a must from textbook as well as from different sources, and listed on Reference list

Writing Format: Strongly APA format 6th edition; 550 min words per page in single space page

W1DQ1: McDonald’s success has been a result of its well-conceived and executed Plan to Win business strategy that focused on “being better, not just bigger.” One result was that McDonald’s stock was one of only two stocks on the on the Dow Jones Industrial Average to increase in price in 2008. After reviewing Chapter 1, discuss the reasons McDonald’s new strategy has been a success.

W1DQ2: After reviewing Chapter 1, answer the following: What are the differences between the business models of NetFlix and RedBox? Is it likely that over-the-air broadcast radio will continue to dominate the market? Why?

W1DQ3: Discussion Question 3 – Applied Concepts (AC) – Week/Course Learning Outcomes

Using your textbook, LIRN-based research, and the Internet, apply the learning outcomes for the week/course and lecture concepts to one of the following scenarios:

As applied to your current professional career

As applied to enhancing, improving, or advancing your current professional career

As applied to a management, leadership, or any decision-making position

As applied to a current or future entrepreneurial endeavor


Using your textbook, LIRN-based research, and the Internet, apply the learning outcomes for the week/course and lecture concepts to a business organization that exhibits and demonstrates these concepts. You should develop a summary of the organizations strategy and how they use these concepts to compete.

This is a learning and application exercise designed to give you an opportunity to apply concepts learned in a pragmatic and meaningful way that will enable you to gain valuable and relevant knowledge in an effort to augment your skill set and enhance your professional careers.

This forum allows each person to start one discussion topic.

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