Stages of Development psychology homework help

In this assignment you will examine human development.  The concept of development can be seen from many angles socially, morally, cognitively, etc.  In this assignment you will look at development through the eyes of one of theorist listed below. 

Choose one of the theorists below and answer the following questions: 

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  • Theorists:
    • Sigmund Freud: Psychosexual Stages
    • Erik Erikson: Psychosocial Stages
    • Jean Piaget: Cognitive Stages
    • Lawrence Kohlberg: Moral Development 
  • In your own words, discuss your theorist’s stages of development. 
  • Do you agree with your theorist’s stages of development?  Discuss one item in your theorist’s stages of development that you think could be added to his theory or removed.  Explain why. 
  • Discuss one of your theorist’s stages of development and relate it back to a family member, friend, or yourself.  For example, if you chose Piaget’s cognitive stages of development you could discuss the sensorimotor stage as it relates to your 1 year old child, niece, or grandchild.

400-600 words written as an essay 

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