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Social media in my opinion gives a voice to the voiceless when it comes to social issues. People cannot get the audience in the real world and don’t have the ability to spread there message as quickly as you can online. With the ability to type a message and tag it, all of your followers see it, they re-tweet it and all of their followers see it, and then the process is duplicated over and over until millions and millions of people have seen you message causing at the very least, a reaction weather for or against your opinion. This would never happen in the real world or would take so much time that the message would be lost or ineffective before hitting the masses. This is currently going on now with Colin Kaepernick. He decided not to stand during the National Anthem to bring awareness of social discrimination in this country. When he was backed by military members (both current and retired) stating they fought to ensure that people like Colin had the right to protest in their own way brought a new perspective to the conversation. It was no longer about him not standing, it was about doing the act to ensure the conversation took place. If you get on tweeter and search the hashtag #VeteransforKaepernick, you will see how they are using this platform of social media to show their support that using a non-violent protest to get your message out there was something that needed to be seen by everyone and adding a hashtagbehind it allowed people who don’t watch football a change to chime in and share their opinion. This is exactly what Colin was a looking for, a away to start he conversation to ensure everyone was aware of the issues he feels there are in this country around discrimination.

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