Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge 64GB Review writing homework help

I need a review on Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge 64GB by in amazon.

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Your experience with Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge 64GB 

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Please look at the sample :

After spending 1 year with the phone, I can say everything about this phone. And what’s my review about it? Well, good. But not that good.

1. Look & Feel 4/5

This is the part where controversy kicks in. Because for me, the beauty and feel of this phone is two completely different things. You can not in a thousand years combine both look and feel with this phone. I have to say that this phone is outstandingly beautiful. But the front and the back of this phone is made all by glass. Although they say that the glass is strong, everytime you are holding this phone, there is always this feeling of being afraid that the phone is going to fall. And I don’t like it. Another bad thing about this phone is that this phone has this edge side. I was hoping it to be rather helpful. Instead, it’s the complete opposite. It’s ruining the experience. If you’re trying to hold it with one hand, the side of your palm would always unintendedly touch the screen. And that is annoying. Even in 1 year, i have never used the edge at all. I can’t see why it’s even there. I think this device would better be called Samsung Galaxy S6 with A Completely Useless & Annoying Edge. (and more expensive)

2. Durability & Robustness 2/5
This is the worst part about the phone. 1 year together. And after only 1 year, the screen has been cracked. It literally split the screen in half. So weak. Because as I said, the front and back of this phone is made up of glass, making it vulnerable to crack. All you need is one drop of a chest height, and you can say bye bye to your beautiful screen.

3. Battery standby time 3/5

If you don’t use your phone and just let it sleep on the table. No problem, 2 days without charging. But, if you turn on the data, and play some apps or music, the story took a completely different turn. It dies really fast. I use youtube all the time. And every single time i use my phone to do it, the phone dies after around 2 hours. Which basically means, you can’t do anything with this phone if there is no charger or powerbank near you. Although on the other side, this phone charges up really fast.

4. Value for money 3/5
I rate it low enough for all the bad things, but i need to forgive it for all the good things. What are the good things? I heard you asked. Well, the camera is outstanding, it can compete head to head with a SLR Camera. Not only that, the screen is so beautiful. The depth of the color, the detail of every single thing on the screen is amazing. It was like nothing I have ever seen. The performance? You don’t even need to ask that. This phone has 3 GB of RAM, you don’t have anything to worry about. The sound is very loud. And last but not least… Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge is so beautiful. This is the phone that if you don’t have anything to do, you can just stare at this phone for hours. (At least until the screen crack)


I would never in a thousand years reccomend this phone to anybody (except if Samsung pays me). If you want a phone with the same kind of price, you can just buy the iPhone 6S. But if you want something from Samsung, I suggest you really hard to be patient, and wait for a new phone from Samsung that has no back made up of glass.

Oh and one last thing, this phone heats up really really fast. And since it is made up of glass and metal, Oh ho ho, it feels like you’re holding some hot pizza off the oven.

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