Quot For The Following Questions Read The Original Passage And Then Read The Que

“For the following questions, read the original passage, and then read the questions that follow. Indicate whether the example statement, taken from the original, presents an acceptable MLA in-text citation. OriginalFrom Toby Fulwiler and Alan R. Hayakawa’s The College Writer’s Reference, pages 152-153: The MLA guidelines for submitting college papers are fairly conservative and do not reflect the wealth of visually interesting fonts, type sizes, graphics, and other options available with most modern word processing programs. . . . The MLA system provides a simple, concise, and thorough way for writers to acknowledge their research sources. 1. Example: According to the authors of The College Writer’s Reference, “The MLA system provides a simple, concise, and thorough way for writers to acknowledge their research sources” (153). a) Acceptable MLA format b) Unacceptable MLA format 2.Example: Fulwiler and Hayakawa explain that research writers should not experiment with fancy fonts since MLA guidelines are “conservative” (152). a)Acceptable MLA format b) Unacceptable MLA format

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