Questions 1 Describe Which Populist Ideas Of The Late Nineteenth Century Differe


1. Describe which populist ideas of the late nineteenth century differed from those of the republican or Democratic parties. 

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2. In what ways was progressive Era not progressive?.


In order to receive points for essay questions, you must have an introduction with a thesis and body paragraphs with evidence to support your thesis and a conclusion. You must provide a minimum of four examples for each essay question. If your answer is only a couple of sentence you have not written an essay. Your answer must have a minimum of six paragraphs and a paragraph has four to five sentences

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The essay must be in your own words. You are not allowed to copy and paste or quote from any source. If you choose to do this you will receive a zero on the exam. 

Please no plagiarism, due at 11:00pm tonight. Thanks

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