Question The Following Is For Problems 1and 2 The Value Of A Condo Bought In 200

Question:The following is for Problems 1and 2

The value of a condo bought in 2000 continues to increase as time passes. Seven years after the condo was bought, it is worth $210,1000; 12 years after it was bought, it is worth $270,000

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Problem 1: Assuming that this relationship between the number of years past 2000 and the value of the condo is linear, Provide an equation describing this relationship

Problem 2: Use this equation to estimate the value of the condo in 2018.

Problem 3: Jules can pay his housekeeper $15 per week to do his laundry, or he can have the laundromat to do it at a cost of 50 cents per pound for the first 10 pounds and 40 cents for each additional pound. Find the minimum weight at which it is more economical to use the housekeeper than the laundromat.

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Problem 4: In a competition , Jules must average at least a score of 9.65 to win a medal. Seven of height judges have reported scores of 9.65,9.7,9.9,9.7,9.7,9.6,and 9.5. Find the minimum score that Jules must receive from the last judge to win a medal.

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