Project second Draft English homework help

Course Project Second (My topic is Online Dating/ Online Predators/Sex Offenders ) 


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The purpose of the second draft is to complete the draft

presentation of your argument. The second draft will add Section II

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(two to three paragraphs), Section III (two to three paragraphs),

Section IV and Section V (if needed), and the conclusion. The

second draft should include all of the sources you presented in

your Annotated Bibliography and may add an image, chart, or

graph as appropriate. If you have made changes to your list of

references, cite each new reference carefully, both in the text and

on the References page. The length of the second draft includes

last’s week content and will be seven to ten pages of text, not

including the title and References pages.

When you are finished, save the document as <your last

name.Wk6 Project Second Draft> and submit it to the Dropbox by

the end of the week.

The Project Second Draft is worth 80 points. See Doc Sharing for

the following support documents.

A sample assignment

The assignment grading rubric

Course Project

This second draft develops the remaining sections of the paper

with the references and consideration for the design of the paper:

its style and layout.

Rebuttals and Refutations (Graded)

Designing Your Course Project (Graded)

Q & A Forum for your questions and comments (not graded)

Note-  Second Draft Sample , grading rubric and instructions will be sent to you

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