Project Management 1 Are There Certain Types Of Projects That Are Prone To Scope

Project Management 

1. Are there certain types of projects that are prone to scope creep compared to other types of projects?

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2. Thinking again on critical “external influences” consider supply management. If your organization has a supply management department, you (i.e. project manager) should consider finding a good friend in that organization. You need to seek out someone that will listen to your concerns early on in development of the project and keep you informed of constraints that are currently or may influence your project resources. What challenges might the PM encounter without proper engagement with supply management?


1. Are selling and administrative expenses treated as product costs or period costs under variable costing?

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2. How are costs classified on a traditional income statement versus a contribution format income statement?

Response 1Question 1There are certain projects which are more prone to scope creep than others. Scope creep isdefined as the challenges that affect a project in progress due to various reasons….

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