Outsource A New Operating Model management assignment help

Please assist wit the below: 
  1. Read Chapter 9, “Outsource: A New Operating Model?” in the textbook, The ROI of Human Capital.
  2. Read Chapter 10, “How to Change the Game,” in the textbook, The ROI of Human Capital.
  3. Download and read “How Strategy Maps Frame an Organization’s Objectives” via http://tinyurl.com/l25m9w9.
  4. Download and review the paper “Feasibility Study for Information Systems Projects” at http://www.umsl.edu/~sauterv/analysis/F08papers/Katimuneetorn_Feasibility_Study.html#BEA.
  5. Write an 800-1000 word paper guided by the following requirements:
    1. Introduction: Write a brief introduction to the paper.
    2. Feasibility Study Research Summary: Research the concept of conducting a feasibility study and provide a summary of your research findings.
    3. Appendix – Action Plan: Using your submitted HR Scorecard from Workshop Four (updated as necessary), complete the Action Plan section of the scorecard:
      1. Initiatives: Complete the Initiatives section, as it is shown in “Figure 2. A Strategic Theme Defines the Process, Intangible Assets, Targets, and Initiatives Required to Execute a Piece of the Strategy” (on page 44 of the Kaplan and Norton, 2004a article).  The initiatives are to be correlated to the objectives.  Note in the example that initiatives are very specific to the objectives.  In other words, the selected objectives will indicate the initiatives that are likely needed.
      2. Budget: Complete the Budget section, as shown in “Figure 2, A Strategic Theme Defines the Process, Intangible Assets, Targets, and Initiatives Required to Execute a Piece of the Strategy” (on page 44 of the Kaplan and Norton, 2004a article, “How Strategy Maps Frame an Organization’s Objectives”).  Budgeted figures are estimates.  “Fair”estimates are considered closer to actual, while “rough” and “ballpark” estimates are further removed, respectively.  For this assignment, your estimates are to be as close to actual values as you can obtain.
    4. Action Plan Initiatives and Budget: Explain your reasoning for including the initiatives and budgeted amounts in the action plan.  Also give consideration to why no initiative was selected for one or more objectives, if applicable.
    5. Feasibility Study of the Action Plan: Complete a brief feasibility study of the action plan initiatives with corresponding budgeted dollars, to include:
      1. Identification of “go/no-go decisions” (alterations made to originally planned initiatives to either accept (“go”) or reject (“no go”)
      2. Risk management considerations (i.e., risk mitigation, limitation, termination, or acceptance)
    6. Conclusion: Provide a brief conclusion.
    7. Include a cover page and a reference page in addition to the 800-1000 words required for the assignment.  Use appropriate headings for each of the above lettered items in the paper.

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