organic molecules and their potential energy science homework help

* Answers do not have to be long at all and do not need to be in complete sentences. 

1. Compare the formula for cell respiration with the formula for photosynthesis. How are the two reactions related. 
 3. Why is it appropriate to speak of burning food for energy? 
4. Which types of organic molecules have the highest potential energy?
5. What are the two purposes of food for animals?
 6. is it possible to fill up on junk food everyday but be malnourished
 7. Why cant humans use wood or other coarse plant material for food?
 1. explain the role of pH in the ATP-ADP energy transfer system
 2. what part of the cell helps to maintain the proper amount of energy for metabolic needs?
 3. given that no spontaneous energy transfer is 100% efficient, energy is dissipated as heat in natural processes, and all the processes in the universe move towards maximum entropy, how is it that the cell and biosphere exhibit little entropy or disorder?
 4. The question immediately above implies that cells escape the implications of an important scientific law. What is the law? Do cells escape the law?

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