One Of The Most Important Components Of A Well Designed Training Program Is Eval

One of the most important components of a well designed training program is evaluation. It is necessary to evaluate a training program in order to determine whether or not the training was effective in meeting the goals of the training program. Without an evaluation the effectiveness of the program can not be determined. Before a training program can be evaluated, however, the goals and criteria for the program has to be established. Training criteria are generally classified into two categories: training-level criteria and performance -level criteria. Training level criteria is concerned with the what the employee/person actually learns from the training while performance-level criteria is concerned with the transfer of what is learned during training to one’s job performance (Spector, 2012). Both criteria is important in determining the effectiveness of a training program because each evaluate a particular aspect of the training program: whether or not the training program has the intended effect on meeting learning objectives and affecting job performance.

You have just been assigned to evaluate your current or past organization’s training program. How would you best evaluate the effectiveness of the training? Explain the program and your reasoning

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