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Discussion (answer the following questions child obesity * Compare/contrast the four research purposes: descriptive, explanatory, predictive, prescriptive.  * Why can both quantitative and qualitative studies be descriptive?  Give an example of a quantitative and qualitative descriptive study related child obesity * Which database would be helpful? Why did you select the database? ** 

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Discussions (answer the following questions relative to child obesity)

* Select a single quantitative research study (either descriptive, explanatory, prescriptive, or predictive).  What were the independent variables (IV), dependent variables (DV), and mediating variables (MV) measured in the research study?

* What risk factors were identified, or what recommendations were provided?  What additional risk factor or recommendation could you offer?

What theory (theory should be clearly stated in the article) was used to guide the research study?  State the specific name of the theory, as published in the article.  If a theory was not reported, what theory would you suggest and why? 

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