Noticing Log A english assignment help

Notice what you notice.

Stop in tracks once a day, take account of sky, ground, and self.

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 â€”Allen Ginsberg

Noticing Log

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Begin a noticing log. For the next week, take note of your surroundings, consider the words of Allen Ginsberg, and make one entry into your Noticing Log per day. We will do this exercise off and on throughout the quarter. It will hone both your powers of observation and your skills as a writer. Start today you will have 5 sentences by Monday.. Make them as interesting and as evocative as possible. The trick is to be open to the universe, to pay attention. The task is to observe—blue things, odd shapes, the fuzz on an old sweater, the shadow the avocado plant makes on the wall—whatever catches your eye. Start to look around, and see what happens!

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