Note A Possible Source Of Confusion Is That For Xticks Ie Tickmarks On The X Ax

% NOTE a possible source of confusion is that for xticks ie tickmarks on % the x axis we keep y information and vice versa for yticks % % When Minner is found then % % assumes that box starts at zero on the left lower side % % 0) if outflag = 1 then intop = 0, inrht = 0 outflag = 0 % 1) Save intop largest top of box % 2) Save inrht largest rht of box % 3) set inflag notifies that inner marks are present % % When Mouter is found then % % if inflag is set then % 1) get vecx and vecy off the stack (points in direcn to move) % 2) vecx < 1 xadrht = inrht*abs(vecx) % 3) vecx > 1 xadlft = inrht*abs(vecx) % 4) vecy < 1 yadtop = intop*abs(vecy) % 5) vecy > 1 yadbot = intop*abs(vecy) % 6) set outflag = 1 % 7) clear inflag, inrht, intop % guaranteed to be zero if no inner is present??

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