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Paper Proposal 

A one-page paper proposal. Print your proposal and bring it to class. The paper should focus on the ideas of one, but no more than two individual theorists. For this assignment, you should describe which one person or two persons you will focus on writing about. You should describe their ideas and a case with which you will illustrate their ideas in your final paper. You might think ahead, since we may not discuss the topic that you may be interested in until late in the quarter. The proposal should be single-spaced using Times New Roman 12pt font. You may include up to three citations in ASA format (if you are not a Sociology major, you may cite using your discipline’s citation format). An outline of your paper is not appropriate for this assignment. If you choose to write on the theories of two individuals, you must explain the relationship between their theories.

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Max Weber is the theorists I would like the paper on.

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