Multiple Choice Speaker 2 I Believe That Every Individual Should Have The Righ (1)

multiple choice: 

Speaker 2 – I believe that every individual should have the right to own land, to hire people to work for them, and make a profit from their own business. The government should stay out of the way and let people have the freedom to make their own financial decisions about what they spend their money on. 

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Which of the following best describes the beliefs that speaker 2 has?

a) Beliefs about the economic structure/ b) Beliefs about the class structure / c) Beliefs about the political society / d) Beliefs about the social structures of society.

Which position on the spectrum would speaker 2 be ? 

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a) collectivism side / b) centre / c) individualism side / d) none

Some economic beliefs- 1.) Governments should not intervene in the operation of the economy/ every person should be able to own property / individual self reliance be a highly valued trait. 

a) Workers should not be require to form trade unions / b) non renewable resources industries should be state owned/ c- high taxes should be placed on those earning the greatest income / d) individuals should have the freedom to earn an income as they see fit.

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