Monetary Policy and Bank Regulation accounting homework help

This is the chapters for the week. be sure to open attachment for instructions. 4 sources this week.  must be on words as it is checked for plagerism. please ask if have any questions.

Readings and Resources


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OpenStax College. (2014). Principles of Macroeconomics. Rice University.- this ebook is available in print, pdf, web view, and bookshare versions from the OpenStax College site. The assigned readings for this unit are linked below to the web view version for your convenience.

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Articles, Websites, and Videos:

What exactly is money, and how does it affect us daily?

  • Money: Everyday economics. (2013, September). The Economic Education Division, Public Affairs Department, Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas. Dallas, TX: Economic Education of the Dallas Fed.

This article will help in understanding trade, exchange rates and international capital flows.

Learn about the difference between monetary policy and fiscal policy as well as how they are related. Also, use the site for other questions you may have regarding this week’s materials.

This link is for our Federal Reserve. If the topic involves “money” you will find resources here.

The following resources may be helpful to you in learning more about the topics you will need to research for the assignment due this week.

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Seinfeld – Kramer tucking Japanese guests in drawers to sleep

User: Keith Fox – Added: 10/4/11

YouTube URL:

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BP: Rich Fish – a PARODY by UCB’s The Brig

User: UCB Comedy – Added: 6/9/10

YouTube URL:

In this episode of Seinfeld, Kramer is hosting Japanese tourists. They soon realize that 50,000 yen is not enough to cover their expenses in New York. This video will introduce the notion of exchange rates and how one currency translates into the value of another. (transcript in more section of video) Parody of a BP Representative explains how the oil spill was just a way of sharing wealth with marine life. It illustrates that externalities exist in production.

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Kevin Rudd: Are China and the US doomed to conflict?

User: TED – Added: 4/1/15

YouTube URL:

This video looks at how nations, through something as basic as exchange rates, can come to conflict. 

Supplemental Resources:

Numerous supplemental articles on monetary policy for this week’s material.

Use these sites to help augment any research you may need for this week’s subjects. It may be helpful to add a bookmark for each site in your internet browser.

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