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1. In the “Chinese Exclusion Example” by Erica Lee, Lee argues that new Asian immigrants were seen as a threat to the United States because of their race and their labor.  Discuss how Asians were perceived by nativists, and why the Chinese were seen as racially threatening.  Next compare the ideas behind this threat as it persists today in the selection entitled, Neither Black nor White” by Angelo N. Ancheta.  Use support from both essays to explain how the racialization of Chinese immigrants provided a model for evaluating other immigrants from Asia, Mexico, and Southern Europe. 

2. Think about where you fit in terms of Helms’ stages of racial identity development (Chapters 6 and 7 of the Helen Fox text “When race breaks out”).  Why do you find yourself in that particular stage (what life experience has contributed or not contributed to your racial identity development)? 

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