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Read Chapter 2. Have you ever had a low-wage job? If not, this is one good way to begin to understand what it means to be part of the working poor. Many low-wage jobs are available on or around campus. Whether you actually take such a job or not, work out a monthly household budget for a family of three, and see how far a minimum wage-job ($7.25 in 2012) takes you toward supporting a family. 

There is a difference between minimum wage and a living wage. Read the article at understand this dichotomy. Then report your budgetary findings based off the aforementioned and the living wage calculator reporting if the minimum wage would be viable or is it impossible based off the living wage calculator and the budget you formulated based off the Bexar county findings.

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(This response should be equivalent to two pages, double spaced in 12 point font with APA or ASA format, including a work cited page). See APA or ASA cheat sheet on Google).

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