Milestone 1 Proposal Chapter 13 of Quickbooks assignment help

Chapter 13 contains a project management framework consisting of the following seven milestones to develop a QuickBooks accounting system: 

  • Milestone 1:  Proposal
  • Milestone 2:  Company Setup

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  • Milestone 3:  Lists

  • Milestone 4:  Transactions

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  • Milestone 5:  Memorized Reports

  • Milestone 6:  Documentation 

  • Milestone 7:  Presentation 

The highlighted items below indicate what will be required for submission to the instructor. 

This project provides an opportunity for realistic, valuable practical experience to apply the concepts learned throughout this course and give you the opportunity to get experience developing and writing a project proposal. 

You will follow the instructions given for each milestone in Chapter 13.  There are few modifications to the instructions.  These exceptions include:

  • You will not need to submit each milestone to the instructor to be reviewed prior to proceeding with your next milestone. 

  • You will not have to submit a QuickBooks in Action Project Approval form for any signatures.

  • You will not actually be interviewing a real client, but rather you will come up with what specific accounting needs would be required for the client you identified. 

  • You will not submit sample transaction results to the instructor or client for approval. 

  • You will not obtain instructor or client approval for memorized reports.

  • You will not presenting your project to your classmates.

You will need to submit your project proposal as defined in milestone 1; your client documentation that includes a history of the project development and instructions the client will need, i.e. instructions regarding how and when to back up and restore company files, as defined in milestone 6; and your prototype or company’s chart of accounts listing, customer listing, vendor listing, employee listing, and item listing, and a general journal to display the sample transactions you entered for milestone 4. To submit your work, click on the View/Complete Assignment link.  Attach your document through the Browse section and submit.  You will be attaching an Adobe (.pdf) or Excel (.xls or .xlsx) containing the required reports depending on the what format your instructor requires.  Your document will be sent directly to the gradebook. If you click on My Grades, the submitted assignment will appear as an exclamation mark until it has been graded.  Once you have a grade, you may click on it to see any feedback. 

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