Media Review sociology homework help

Step 1: Find an online news article related to some aspect of sociological theory, or a specific sociological phenomenon.  In 300 words write an initial post answering the questions outlined below and submit. For example, can you find an article about consumption that you can relate to Veblen’s concepts of conspicuous consumption or leisure? Division of labor in the economy? Bureaucracies and their function in education (ASU!) or other industries? Authority structures? Class consciousness or exploitation?

  •  What are the essential concepts, ideas, and/or insights presented by the author of the article? (NO quotations!  If you do want to use specific information, paraphrase and cite your source.)
  • What connection can you make to any concepts and ideas related to one of the sociological theories discussed so far? (NO quotations!  If you do want to use specific information, paraphrase and cite your source.)
  • What did you like least about the article?  What did you like most?

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