Management Mini Case accounting homework help

First of all, need to use Excel answer questions within the text of the case.

1. Construct Lawn Care Workbook, including the four different worksheets and all relevant information.

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2. Create a “Customers” worksheet to store customer information.

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3. Create a “Payment” worksheet to track customer payments.

4. Create a “Quote” sheet to record quoted charges.

5. Create an “Amortization” sheet to illustrate the amortization schedule for payments.

After that, please answer Information specification questions.

A. A local hardware store is advertising zero percent interest on all purchases, as long as the balance is paid within one year of the purchase date. If Mr. Francisco takes advantage of this offer, what will his monthly payments be? (Assume he spends $12,000 on new equipment and makes monthly payments). 

B. If the interest rate is 5 percent and the loan period is for two years, what are Mr. Francisco’s monthly payments? 

I will upload Excel that you might need.

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