LP3 Webinar Notes and Assessment statistics homework help

LP3 Webinar Notes and Assessment


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Assessment for LP3 webinar –

  1. Topic:

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  2. Identify or develop 3-5 potential research questions/problems. All centered around one similar topic.

  3. Find one article or example online studies your topic. DOES NOT NEED TO BE FROM ONLINE LIBRARY – CANNOT BE WIKIPEDIA

Notes for webinar:

Part 1


  1. Delphi method includes surveying a group of people – participants are anonymous

  2. Survey design – scaled (rating), open ended, mixture, choose favorite (design for logo/food etc).

  3. Delphi method mitigates focus group challenges for moderator and for collecting this type of data. In Delphi – everyone is an expert.

  4. Multiple survey iterations – creating themes – probably got this from short answer questions, created themes using the comments. You create themes from interview transcripts… Send participants the themes you have developed.

from here you can develop a short survey.

Example: Like décor, dislike seating

Question: Which type of chair did you prefer? 1, 2,3,4

Which type of picture/wall hanging? 1,2,3,4 (strongly like, strongly dislike)

In the end – you come to consensus about all aspects of your research problem.

— do not collect data, just create hypothetical survey questions.

— explanation on the assignment is what you think would happen if you had really conducted the study.

Part 2


Delphi is great example of mixed methods data collection – if you will be using short answer questions in the beginning. You can use all quantitative/scale questions such as ranking.

Paradigm shift – example with study on type of car – oil crisis, environmental push. Example in social science with parenting, eating behaviors – low carb, celebrities can impact.

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