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REQUIRED TEXT Lifeskill Activities for Special Children 2ndEdition


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ISBN13: 9780470259375

ISBN10:047025937X Format: Paperback Pub. Date: 9/15/2009

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Publisher(s): Jossey-Bass

This is my classmate’s work, just an example below:

Handling Misbehavior in Children


1.-Two behaviors you exhibited as a child that your parents were successful in treating. Identify what behaviors were and state which method they used to eliminate them.

Misbehavior    Method

Physical fights   Negative Punishment: Removing anything (mom) can think of.

Destroying or damaging belongings     SAME AS ABOVE 

2.-Suppose your 3 year old throws a tantrums. You ignore him but he continues to throw them. Explain why that might happen:

Children misbehave because doing so pays off. And as long as misbehavior pays off for, tantrums and misbehaviors will continue. The reason a child misbehaves can be determinate by looking at what follows the behavior of the child.

3.-Give an example where your parents used the stimulus change method on you. Explain how you would use this method on your child’s misbehavior.

Honestly, I do not have a possible good example where my parents used this method. But I do have good ones with my daughters. E.g., when they fight over a thing, separately, I direct one daughter over the negative characteristics of the item. It usually works.

4.-Write down a misbehavior in your child that you could use the satiation method on. Explain how you would do it.

This one, can be one of my favorites. My daughters loved, loved, loved gum. One day, I found gum all over my truck, where they sit, by the doors, back of the front seats and roof. Of course, this was not the first time, however, it was the worst scene ever. So, I did not say nothing, I acted normal, we went to the store, I let them choose all kind of gum. As soon as we got home, I made them chew every single piece of gum. They were crying, they were begging for no more, they were exhausted of moving their jaws, and disgusted of too much sugar. Since then, a gum packet can last months in my purse.

5.-Pick on misbehavior in a child of a friend or neighbor. Explain what the misbehavior is and how the child’s parent should handle it.

I’m in heaven with this question. So many great examples, however, I‘ll choose the recently experience that I have with a good friend. Her son is 9 years old. He had being polite and fun to be around until few months ago. His behaviors are rude, demanding, and manipulative. His mom, expresses concern, however, she applies the four popular philosophies to justify his behaviors. Her approach is too gentle to me. It has lack of authority and lack of substantial consequences. I would say that her parenting style is authoritative because she’s very involve in her children developing, however, sometimes I see her as a permissive parent.

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