Kst Airport Express Advertises That Its Average Travel Time Between Sydney Airpo

KST Airport Express advertises that its average travel time between Sydney Airport and Leichhardt is 40 minutes. The company is trialling a new route to see if it improves the travel time. A random sample of 50 runs using the new route yields an average and standard deviation of 37.9 minutes and 9.1 minutes respectively.

1. State the direction of the alternative hypothesis used to test the company’s claim. Type the letters gt (greater than), ge (greater than or equal to), lt (less than), le (less than or equal to) or ne (not equal to) as appropriate on the right.

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2. Use the tables in the text to determine the critical value used to conduct the test, assuming a 10% level of significance. If there are two critical values, state only the positive value. 

3. Calculate the test statistic,(two decimal places)

4. Is the null hypothesis rejected for this test? Type yes or no.

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5. If the new route actually takes an average of 37 minutes, determine the nature of the decision made in the test. Type cd (correct decision), 1 (a Type I error was made) or 2 (a Type II error was made) as appropriate.

6. Regardless of your answer for 4, if the null hypothesis was rejected, could we conclude that the new route has improved travel time between Sydney and Leichhardt? Type yes or no. 

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