Javascript program computer science homework help

Write a simple HTML/Javascript program which is capable of computing the area of a rectangle as follows:


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 On the HTML page, display:

  Two “input” fields where a human can enter a number/value

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  One field should be labeled on the screen as “Length

  One field should be labeled on the screen as “Width

  button labeled “Calculate Area“.  Clicking this button should:

  Calculate and Display the area value of the shape in an “Alert Box”utilizing the user-provided values in the input fields.

  Additionally, if the Length and Width are equal, an “alert box” should display “Hey, that’s just a square!“.

  In a separate Javascript file

  Create a function called getShapeArera which:

  Performs the appropriate calculation and updates the page as described above.

(This is the function that should be called when when the user clicks the ”
Calculate Area” button described above.)


Usually, lines of textual data must be properly aligned on a screen or page for easy viewing, Write a JavaScript function called stringPad(str, padChar)that accepts three parameters as follows:

·  An arbitrary string (like a name, for example)

·  A string to be used as a “padding character” to fill in extra space (see the example)

·  The total length of the new string (see example)

The function should return a new string

·  With an LOWER-cased version of str following the “pad characters”

·  Such that the total length of the new string is equal to the new provided

·  If the desired “total length” is less than the length of the input string, then just the input string is returned.

For example:

A call to stringPad(“Hello”, “*”, 10) would return:  *****hello

A call to stringPad(“xYZ“, “-“, 5) would return: –xyz

A call to stringPad(“AbCDe”, “#”, 2) would return: abcde

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