java programming using netbeans computer science homework help

hello i need them separately using netbeans

1- start a NetBeans project and create an application class that generates three random integers between 0 and 50, calculates the average, and prints the result.  After successfully compiling and executing your exercise upload the zipped project folder to Extra Credit Project 1.

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2-Write a program that takes two ints as input from the keyboard, representing the number of hits and the number of at-bats for a batter. Then calculate the batter’s hitting percentage and check if the hitting percentage is above .300. If it is, output that the player is eligible for the All Stars Game; otherwise, output that the player is not eligible.

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3-Write a class encapsulating the concept of a course grade, assuming a course grade has the following attributes: a course name and a letter grade. Include a constructor, the accessors and mutators, and methods toString and equals. Write a client class to test all the methods in your class.

4-Write an abstract superclass encapsulating a vehicle: A vehicle has two attributes: its owner’s name and its number of wheels. This class has two non-abstract subclasses: one encapsulating a bicycle, ant the other encapsulating a motorized vehicle. A motorized vehicle has the following additional attributes: its engine volume displacement, in liters; and a method computing and returning a measure of horsepower which is the number of liters times the number of wheels. You also need to include a client class to test these two classes.

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