Japan s Successful Modernization Economics paper help

require article: Japan’s Successful Modernization in 19C: Reischauer, Ch. 8

The paper is the summary of the ”
Japan’s Successful Modernization in 19C: Reischauer, Ch. 8″

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1. Each paper should be 2+ pages, single spaced, excluding the title page and references. You submit it electronically to blackboard/discussions/papers due/ by 11 pm of the due date for class view. You should also email copies to me and TA.

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Your Blackboard ID=BU email ID; Password=first two letters of last name and last four digits of SSN.

2. Paper Format.

It should show author name, the title and date followed by

Section I. Introduction.

Section II. “section title”

Section III. “another section title”

Section IV. “another section title”

Section V. Conclusion


Number of sections can be 4 – 7. The paper should give a summary of the reading at the minimum. It may strengthen the main argument with additional reasoning/analysis or with additional sources. Or it may give critical evaluation of the reading with supporting arguments or sources.

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