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dear writer please replies to my classmates discussion post please indicate every post you replies for example post 1 and then post 2 so i can recognize which one is post 1 replies and post 2 replies please replies with good opinion or comment for example you might reply hi Ramesh i like your post and write your opinion.

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post 1:

Ramesh wrote this in her post:

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Nationwide insurance which is one of the largest and most diversified insurance company had hundreds of scattered application in many of its business lines. The company had more than 100 business units which offered different products. Due to lack of Business Intelligence the company faced the problem of data gathering, analysis and generation of reports. The biggest problem was high data redundancy and inability to generate strategic report based upon the data collected. Nationwide is a data-driven company, and proper use of data may result on the overall performance of the company.

Nationwide implemented enterprise-wide data warehouse to get rid of data redundancy, make the data gathering process much easier, and produce the reports needed to enhance customer service. The results were satisfactory as the improved marketing campaigns and better communication with customers helped to improve customer satisfaction. This resulted in customer retention which increased the sales of the company. The integrated data made the reporting system quicker and easier to access.

I think the implementation of BI by Nationwide was helpful in enhancing customer service. Since some of the units were able to increase their overall productivity by 20-30%, gain 3% growth in annual sales it is clear that the company benefited from implementation of BI.

Post 2:

Michael wrote this :

In my own opinion feel like they’ve done a god job as a while by integrating these new choices. I’ve always seen a handful of Nationwide commercials, whenever I watch television, of how that always got you’re back in a crisis. that being said I’ve gone with Geico. The fact that they can cover all these different insurance policies is amazing. With their all time favorite quote being, “Nationwide is on your side” which is quite a good slogan for a company. And to also see that they live up to the slogan for many years. After they integrated their new reporting system which is “Revenue Connection” they easily reduced the labor time for employees to “manually” input the data for which they needed for their consumers. Also implementing this new idea saved the company a huge chunk of change and time. Basically to ease the pain of several employees ripping out their hair. Just to wrap it up, I believe they’ve done a fine job for this new approach, although I felt like I’ve said that in the beginning already.

dear  writer what woud you reply back to these two classmates about their post please do not write longer each post replies can be 150 words thanks

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