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Dear writer please reply to my classmates disscussion post for example you mignth start by eritten hi nice post i think ….

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Gina wrote this:

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The strategic advantage Isle of Capri can gain from the implementation of a data warehouse is having organization of their data. This allows them to keep past data for statistical value as well as learning needs. A data warehouse also would allow Isle of Capri to be able to pull data whenever needed easily. To solve Isle of Capri’s problem, I would definitely use a data warehouse due to the simplicity of it. Its quick to pull data and submit data for later use.

What would you reply to Gina about her post

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Deepack wrote this:

Isle of Capri Casinos is a great example of today’s success story of data warehouse. Due to the data warehouse, it was possible for the company to analyze daily reports immediately within minutes, unlike before where they had to wait until the second week of the following month just to analyze monthly activities.

The data warehouse enabled the company to react quickly and more effectively to customer needs. The company now have a deeper understanding of customer behaviors as data is collected every second from its hotel system and casino. By observing customer behaviors, new incentive programs have been improved to increase customer loyalty. The company can identify their high-value customer and establish a greater relation with them. They can also monitor performance of each of their slot machines and table games. With a BI tool they can compare which individual properties are profitable and help make decisions that help increase gaming revenue. The marketing campaign has never been precise and direct than before. Isle can target a group of population more directly by media advertisement. 

I would not have used a traditional information system because operational systems are designed to support large transactional processing with minimal backend reporting, which does not elaborate analytical processing of historic data. Operational systems are used for short-term decisions involving mission-critical applications that only stores the most recent information. In the case of Isle, an effective BI and DSS would be needed to provide integration of data from many sources into a standard format which is only possible through a good relational date warehouse.

What would you reply to Deepack about his post

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