Is Public Relations Considered A Part Of Promotions In The 5 P S Of Advertising

Is Public Relations considered a part of Promotions in the 5 P’s of Advertising? If I remember correctly my professor in Strategic Communications taught us that the 5 P’s of Advertising are as I have listed below, however, everyone seems to have a different take on whether there are 4 or 5 P’s and what they are each called (i.e. Product Distribution vs Product Placement), AND furthermore, my Integrated Marketing Communications professor refers to this whole concept as the Marketing Mix not the 5 P’s of Advertising. Can you clarify for me what’s actually the correct answer as understood by today’s professionals working at the most lucrative, major advertising & PR firms overseen by the corporations like the WPP?

The 5 P’s of Advertising:

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1.) Product

2.) Price

3.) Packaging 

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4.) Product Distribution/Placement

5.) Promotions

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