In 2012 Mary Took Part In The Chicago Marathon Her Fifth And The Hottest On Reco

In 2012, mary took part in the chicago marathon her fifth, and the hottest on record, with temperatures peaking at 76 F. Conscious of the repeated advice to maintain fluid intake, she took frequent drinks at the water stations along the route. In the 16th mile, mary felt bad but was determined to finish, near the end she needed help from other runners to stay upright;few hours later she was in the hospital, suffering from severe diarrhea, headache, vomiting and increasing confusion, with her legs endlessly mimicking a running motion. “I thought I was still in the marathon,” she says. When mary arrived at the hospital and doctors began to collect information, they discovered that she weighed 130 Ibs. Oddly, when she checked in to the race, she weighed 128Ibs.

What happened to mary at the chicago Marathon?

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