I Realize That For Many Of You The Ride Through Chapters 12 13 Over The Past S

However, one thing you have to be careful of is that some widgets will spy on you. For example, maybe they watch your web browsing habits and report them back to a third party. Still others are malicious and steal password information. Such software is called “spyware”, and is characterized by an inability to remove it easily (I have spent many, many hours fixing computers infected with this junk). Some spyware even will install more spyware, making the removal process even more difficult.

The reason I mention this is because if you’re going to create a widget, make sure the uninstaller works or else you’re going to be lumped in with the “spyware” folks!

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I think this is pretty much all I wanted to discuss regarding what’s left of the picked over remains of this chapter. Let’s now move on and discuss podcasting.

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