I Need The Answer In Apa Format With Proper Citations Here Are The Questions 1 R

I need the answer in APA format with proper citations. Here are the questions:

1 Read about Cuban Missile Crisis and the Challenger space shuttle crash on the Internet. Develop your own list of advice on how to avoid groupthink

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2 Based on information about the cultural dimensions of the Arab countries of the Middle East. What aspects of this culture and society would affect your decision making if you were sent there as a manager for a multinational firm?

3 In relation to question 2 would the decision making in Israel be different from that in Middle Eastern countries? explain why and how. If necessary, select one particular country from the Middle east to discuss this question.

Do not insert the question into the paper, there are no space for that, just give the answer half page for question 1 and half page for questions 2 and 3. You can do one and half page if necessary, depends if the answer fits.

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Use a lot of APA stile citations because every information has a source (APA citations are very important, as many as possible) and few sources in references page, make sure there are references for each question. There should be no similarity on Turn it in.

let me know if you can take this question.

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