I Need Help With The Steps Of This Project Please Help I Need Help Creating A Ga

I need help with the steps of this project please help:

I need help creating a game that has an actor (select an actor as in Exercise 1). the instructions is to create a game maze of some kind that does have at least one way to traverse from the starting point to the goal. The maze must have walls and some obstacles within the maze. The world also must have some additional scenery/props. Animate the actor so that you drive him/her/it using the arrow keys. The actor’s job is to traverse the maze and arrive at the goal. If the actor collides with any of the walls of the maze or any obstacle in the maze, the actor is sent back to the starting point. When the actor arrives at the goal the game should announce “You win!” The camera may be watching the action or it might show the actor’s point-of-view (this would be the preferred and more challenging view). As a starting point you might want to consider utilizing the maze that is within the wonderland or wonderlandFull Starter Projects. You are required to use a CollisionStartListener in your code.

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If anyone know programming I need help with the steps having trouble especially with the maze selection. this is for cs1110 alice programming

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