Human Subjects Research Training management homework help

  • Understanding the basic principles, guidelines, and regulations that govern the protection of the rights and welfare of human research subjects is an important part of conducting responsible and ethical research. As student researchers, you are expected to familiarize yourself with the information and considerations associated with planning and conducting ethical research involving human subjects or participants.
  • All students in this course will be required to complete an online training module on human subjects research in social science and responsible conduct of research. This training module is free and available on the UB’s Institutional Review Board (IRB) webpage via the following URL:
  • To complete this training module, follow the instructions carefully noted under the “Training” section on the IRB web page. Please sure to select the correct training course: “Basic Human Subjects – Social & Behavioral Focus” > “Human Subjects Course” > “Social/Behavioral Research Course”.
  • Once you have successfully completed the correct training module, save a copy of your completed training report on your computer. Then, upload this saved copy under “Assignments > Human Research Subjects Training” link on Sakai to complete the assignment. Note: Please label your file in the following way before submitting it: LastName_TrainingReport.pdf – E.g., Tan_TrainingReport.pdf

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