How Much He Will Charge For This Homework Do You Think That Your Digital Portfol

how much he will charge for this: Homework:Do you think that your digital portfolio should depend on the job, title, or industry you are planning or working on getting into? Do task and responsibilities of a specific job matter when designing your digital portfolio? How about the skill-sets necessary to execute a task or a project, do you think that they play any role or affect your digital portfolio? What are your thoughts on this, how do you plan on considering those issues when you are developing your digital portfolio. After all, you need to make sure that your portfolio will help you get to the field and market you are looking for. Use this homework assignment to clarify your thoughts on what you want and the tasks, skills, and design aspects you need to highlight in your portfolio so you are ready for your next job or career move. Your document should be 1 page single-spaced and in MS Word. Include additional sources and associated citations to support your ideas. Please remember APA format for your citations, include a cover page with your name, date and course name and use 12-point font for your document. due tomorrow at 11pm

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