How does a typeface create a mood feeling or image graphic design help

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1.  How does a typeface create a mood, feeling or image? Describe an instance when you had a particular reaction to something in print, not because of the content, but because of the typeface? Explain “why” you think you had that reaction.

2.  In HELVETICA, design writer Richard Poynor says, “The designer has an enormous responsibility” as the person who is “putting wires into our heads.” What does he mean? How would you define that responsibility?

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3.  Think of the font you most commonly use when working on your computer. Which one is it and “why” do you use that one?

4.  American designer David Carson says, “Don’t confuse legibility with communication.” What does he mean? What’s the difference between them?

5.  How does politics affect the art of design? Or, how does design affect politics? Describe a contemporary or historical instance of design reflecting or influencing politics.

6.  What is your reaction to the grunge styleof type and design? “Why” do you think you respond to it that way?

7.  Imagine that the post office, your local bank or other government or corporate entity whose signage is familiar to you started using a different typeface. Fully describe ow would that change their image or your feeling about that business or organization? Fully describe.

8.  What might you take away from this film in terms of possible effects on your design work or other aspects of your daily life?

9.  What changes, if any, has this film made in how you think about print and graphic design?

Thinking deeply, thanks.

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